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Global inventory, clean and easy to use booking experience, one screen to view all supply, with each booking backed by 24x7 customer support.

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Great rates, large availability, and a variety of payment methods

Immediate Access

Simply register your account, and get instant access. The world is literally at your fingertips in minutes.

Multi-currency, multi-payment

View rates in whichever currency you prefer. Make payment via credit card, or get even lower rates if you choose to fund your wallet account.

One screen shows the best rates

Tired of your agents switching between tabs, windows, or even monitors comparing rates? Our portal can integrate your existing supply. Our technology displays the best rate, regardless of supplier, so your agents can use one screen.

Rich sales functionality

We track user behaviour and our system automatically improves by making repeated actions easier to access over time. Bookmarking and other features help you find what you need faster and with less effort.

Your wish is our command

If you have specific requirements for your agent network, we can create a custom version that is fully branded for you. This is perfect for agencies with multiple offices or a large number of agents.

Consumer-like functionality

Tired of antiquated and hard to use ‘b2b’ portal? We were too. Agents work with our portal day all day long. Take a look yourself, and let us know if isn’t the most friendly travel agent portal you’ve ever used.

The only travel agent portal you’ll ever need

Our user friendly and powerful portal shows your agents the best rate in a single screen, saving time, energy, and making your agency more money in the process.

Cleverly designed dashboard
Cleverly designed dashboard

Our makes the agent’s day easier by providing the information they need quickly. See your recent searches, account summary, latest bookings, and bookmarks at a glance.

Interactive map and important content
Interactive map and important content

Location and reviews are two of the most important attributes that drive consumer buying behavior. View hotels on a map, calculate distance from locations, compare TrustYou reviews, view images, and even see pricing from leading retailers.

Manage bookings and users easily
Manage bookings and users easily

Detailed booking information along with the ability to send confirmation emails, get vouchers, and make cancellations is simple and intuitive. Managing your team and their access permissions is also done with just a few clicks.

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