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Principal Software Engineer

We are looking to hire an experienced Principal Software Engineer to lead the existing API platform. The Principal Software Engineer's responsibilities include recommending adjustments to resolve code issues, improving the functionality of existing code, and ensuring that the design, application, and maintenance of code meets the quality standards. To accomplish these tasks, the Principal Software Engineer oversees a team of experienced developers and interacts with developers and managers from other parts of the organization.

Two keys to success will be:

1. Continuously learning and applying best practices to achieve high performing teams.
2. Taking pride in not just getting things done, but getting them done well.

Remote. Compensation in line with local market rates.


  • Manage development teams that design, develop, troubleshoot and debug for databases, applications, tools, and networks
  • Maintaining and improving the performance of existing code.
  • Providing training to other engineers.
  • Recommending new technologies that can help increase productivity.
  • Supervising and overseeing the technical aspects of projects.
  • Investigating technical-related complaints and making necessary adjustments to ensure optimal API performance.
  • Own API platforms and release processes
  • Provide development team(s) with day-to-day management and direction to successfully and consistently deliver high-quality working products on time, within budget and to specification.
  • Understanding of information needs to support business processes and decisions.
  • Growing the development team in terms of both skillset and number of members.


  • Intensive experience developing and leading successful development projects for web services and Software as a Service with stateless horizontal scaling architecture.
  • At least 5 – 8 years of relevant engineering experience on large scale software projects/programs and at least 5-9 years of hands-on technical leadership and/or people management experience.
  • Excellent people leadership skill demonstrated by ability to coach and mentor team members in their professional development and build self-sustaining high performing teams
  • Ability to mediate conflicts and use your experience to drive change and help stakeholders to solve complex problems
  • Exceptional communication skills and an ability to build rapport with everyone in the organization, not just with engineers
  • Adept at working across teams and business units with excellent influencing and negotiation abilities
  • Knowledge in the area of organizational change management; practical experience in driving or participating in organizational change management would be an added advantage
  • Experience using various technologies like, SCRUM, APIs, Microservices, Kubernetes, SQL, GoLang, NodeJS.
  • Experience in CI/CD
  • Experience in Google Cloud Platform.
  • Knowledge in Google Cloud Platform IAM policy
  • Good verbal and written communication skills.
  • High level of analytical skills
  • Problem Solving and Critical thinking skills

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