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Technical Business Analyst – Custom sites

As a Technical Business Analyst, you will bridge the gap between business goals and technology implementation.

A successful analyst will use analysis to draw relevant conclusions from often incomplete information. You must think critically in order to use minimal resources while attaining the most efficient solutions. To do so, you must be intelligently curious and inspired, with an appreciation that your role is critical to the success of the business and execution of the technology powering the commercial outcome.


  • Translating business requirements into technical requirements
  • Conceive solutions to business problems
  • Identify technical roadmap to product delivery
  • Assess the required technical inputs and compute the business outcomes to ensure the ROI for any feature implementation is justified
  • Prioritization of resources used and delivered features
  • Understand the fuller ecosystem of the tech stack and product offering, and how any new feature will work alongside and in harmony with the other components
  • Put in place efficient communication channels between departments and people involved
  • Document plans, designs, and delivered components

Skills & Attributes:

  • Critical thinker that abides by logic and driven by facts
  • Become a subject expert through thorough and considered research
  • Ability to think of the ‘simplest’ solutions, while weighing the expected implications, short-comings, or new issues that might arise
  • Skilled at project management
  • Ability to win friends and influence people, as teamwork is central to success.

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