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API Onboarding - Partner Success

Managing all aspects surrounding the onboarding of our hotel supplier and client network.

The focus will be upon technical processes and communicating with our partners to ensure they have a complete understanding of the connectivity and any best practices associated with the API integration.

A technical background is a bonus, but more important is the ability to think logically, follow defined work-flows, and maintain open and organized communication with our partners.

Remote. Compensation in line with local market rates.


  • Efficient communication with all partners to promote a positive working relationship
  • Monitoring progress of the integration and accelerating the integration
  • Daily reporting of issues faced, challenges resolved, and thoughts on how to improve existing processes


  • Highly organized & appreciative of structure
  • Detail oriented
  • Process and outcome driven
  • Technically savvy and eager to speak about technical terms
  • Excellent communicator with a desire to be helpful

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