Optimization Specialist

Managing all aspects surrounding the optimization of booking volumes.

The focus will be upon connectivity, retention, contract negotiation, financials (budgets, billing, payment, and profitability), establishing relationships with partners, and identifying new partnership opportunities.

Remote. Compensation in line with local market rates.


  • Maintain an open and active dialogue with key client and supplier stakeholders to engage them in the process of sharing data and assisting our optimization efforts
  • Optimise the supply mix, rates, promotions, etc. for each client
  • Assess integration bottlenecks and technical challenges, and work to remove them
  • Coordinate mapping efforts to ensure the most relevant/attractive properties are offered for sale
  • Maintain relationships with technical platforms (TGX, Juniper, etc.) to continually improve how our rates are distributed via these platforms
  • Understand client search and technical behaviour in order to optimize frequency of our rates being available for purchase
  • Correctly leverage appropriate channels for varying rate types (B2B, B2C, CUG, etc.)
  • Identify errors that are reducing conversions, and work with technical team to overcome
  • Monitor traffic volumes, error rates, and booking volumes to quickly respond should there be any unexpected changes
  • Understand traffic patterns in order to maximize efficiency of L2B
  • Work with management to set the right pricing strategy to maximize profit
  • Deep cooperation with the Technical Optimizations team
  • Work with suppliers to offer unique or attractive inventory, rate types (i.e. CUG, mobile, package, etc.), and achieve better pricing


  • Proven stakeholder and project management skills
  • Ability to grow the profitability of client accounts
  • Highly organized and appreciative of structure
  • Detail-oriented
  • Process and outcome-driven
  • Technically savvy and eager to speak about technical terms
  • Excellent communicator with a desire to be helpful